Know your rights

I realized that buyers don’t really know their rights about shopping, so here I am explaining it!
What is the right thing to do when an item tag price isn’t the actual price?
This happens for many reasons and yes, sometimes the item has flaws, but in that case there is always an extra tag explaining the reason the price is lower. What I’m talking about is that particular occasion when you find an item you like, at a price you like even more, the item is flawless but then, once you reach the register you acquire the intel that the price on the tag is the wrong price or that the discount sign “these pants are 30% off” should has been removed yesterday.
What’s the procedure in these cases?
Who is right?
In what terms?
Price regulation says that “Exposed products both in store and windows and in the immediate premises, on shelfes…basically anywhere they are exposed, HAVE to show their prices in clear and legible characters using a tag or whatever is most suitable for the purpose”
What happens at this point is an actual deal and there are laws for that too: a seller can trade a good in front of a payment reflecting the price on the good’s tag.

The offer made by the seller is complete, it means it contains all the needed elements to realize the trade which end is the acceptance by the buyer.
A buyer, once has seen the price and saw the item, is free to decide whether to buy it or not; if he/she wants to proceed with the purchasing, then the trade deal is concluded.
This means that the seller cannot then ask for a different price, an higher price than the one exposed and already acquired by the buyer.
If the buyer pays the higher price, she/he has the right to ask for the difference reimbursement, which difference cannot be refund via “voucher” to spend in the same store, it has to be done by cash…and it’s not me saying this, it’s the law.

Of course there are some exceptions.
Whenever a price is way too low, this means that you already have an idea of a price for that item so you surely wonder why the price is so low, you have a doubt. In this case you have to pay for the actual price not the cheap one you saw.
Let me explain this with a fact I witnessed: a person saw a leather jacket priced €50 instead of €500 as the other ones. Anybody would think a real leather jacket couldn’t cost this little, even with a flaw but not the buyer of this story, this person insisted to pay it €50 using the rights we were talking right above…too bad for this person to miss the whole price regulation so this time the law was on the seller side.
Enother exception is the e-commerce because this has its different prices regulation because it’s a different kind of trade.

I hope I helped you a bit, don’t get fooled, always know your rights.
Let me know if you would like an article regarding product returning and refund.


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