Plus Size Triangle Body Shape

Women with this kind of body, as previously seen (Triangle Body Shape), have the lower part of their bodies larger than the upper part and these proportions remain the same despite of the weight. The main feature of this “plus size” body are full hips and inner thighs, with slender calves, high booty, a belly concentrated in the frontal area, a well defined waistline, quite full arms (especially the upper part) and a breast that despite the cup remains always less larger than the hips.

What can you wear in this case?
For starter I suggest you to use bandelettes in order to avoid friction burns in the inner thights area while instead I discourage using a girdle because it could concentrate your belly fat all up front making you look pregnant.

I will upload in this post what kind of clothes best suit you, what to absolutely avoid  and remember all this tips are a supplement to the ones I gave you in the Triangle Body Shape post.

Top Liviana Conti, top Vicolo, top Piazza Sempione, top Joseph Ribkoff, top Issey Miyake, skirt Haikure, top Vicolo, top Armani Collezioni.

Let’s start then! Tops…opt for a straight hem, without elastics on the waist line, or knot or other stuff, even better if the back is a bit longer than the front so the gravity force will pull it down on your backs and the fabric won’t lay on your belly. If you feel safer in a long sweater check for those with side splits. Avoid “peplo” tops because those would enlarge your hips. And also avoid too those multi-layered bottom hems tops for the same reason.
You can dare wearing a crop top too (straight bottom hem) with a high waist skirt or trouser.

Top Blumarine, sample pic, Top Twist X Turn, sample pic, Coat VDP Collection, Coat Caban Romantic, sample pic, coat Issa, coat Brian Dales, jacket Extenso Paris.

Choose soft and draped blouses to classic stiff shirt, prefer palazzo trousers and don’t be afraid to wear it because they won’t make you look fatter or your butt larger or your figure shorter, on the opposite they will elongate you and the culotte kind are even better because they are shorter so your slim calves will give the idea the whole leg is slim too. Another advice I’m feeling to give you is to, please, tuck your shirts in your bottom piece the way you like: the whole shirt, just one side or just in the front and fluff it a bit…trust me, there is no better trick to hide your belly without risking to suffocate.
Let’s now talk about coats & company: choose straight coats (and jackets) with just one button in the middle; capes need to be long and straight so they won’t enlarge any part of your body. Instead avoid waisted coats, double-breasted coats, coats with a belt or short jacket because they would make your torso look too slim in relation to your lower body area (of course if a larger butt is the effect you’re looking for, take this advice and do the exact opposite!).

Coat Agnese Gallamini, coat Il Cappottino, dress SHEIN, dress Musani Couture, dress Diane Von Furstenberg, dress Lela Rose, dress Gai Mattiolo, dress Maison Lavinia Turra, dress Ermanno Gallamini, dress Halston Heritage.
Dress Lexus Prive, dress Intropia, dress Maria Grazia Severi, dress Armani Collezioni, dress Marchesa, dress SHEIN, dress Peserico, dress SHEIN, dress Maria Grazia Severi, dress SHEIN.

What about dresses instead? I suggest trapeze dresses, flared and A-line ones, even the straight ones with a lower waist line or the emperor waist dresses with the waist line right below your chest (this one is even better if below the waist line there is a further strip of cloth). Instead avoid those dresses with belts on the waist line, or with the asymmetrical waist line (both in the front or aside) simply because the fabric would lay on your hips and belly; also avoid those dresses with the waist line where your actual waist is, for the previous reason and at the end, avoid those dresses with a large upper part and a tight bottom part, because this design would enlarge your hips making them huge.

Dress SHEIN, kimono SHEIN, dress St. John, dress SHEIN, dress Von Vonni, dress Weekend Max Mara, dress VDP Collection, jeans SHEIN, jeans Örjan Andersson, jeans SHEIN.
Jeans Cambio, shorts SHEIN, jeans Incotex, shorts SHEIN, shorts SHEIN, shorts SHEIN, skirt Isla Ibiza Bonita, skirt And Less.

For jeans and trousers, please, trust me and not the pictures I’ve uploaded because these models don’t have the right body shape for these jeans/trousers models so they might not look cool but they would flatter your figure because you have the right body to fit them.
Which models then? Regular straight, tubular and a palazzo leg. Stick to high and regular waist. Avoid worn out and bleach washed jeans. Hot pants should be regular as well, especially because a Daisy Duke model can’t contain a triangle woman derrière.

Skirt Soaked in Luxury, skirt Ivy & Oak, skirt Molly Bracken, skirt Apart, skirt Naf Naf, skirt SHEIN, Dress Badgley Mischka, skirt Isla Ibiza Bonita, skirt Noisy May, skirt Nora Barth.

The same rules I gave you about dresses can also been applied to skirts. Anyway, avoid skirts with a very wide elastic waist’s band because that would wrap and enlarge your hips, also avoid pleated skirts, especially those made with tulle fabric because they usually came out with a tight elastic waist that would bend, giving you that annoying belly roll, swelling the fabric right where your belly is, making a big one even if yours is small. Give a chance instead to trapeze and poodle skirts, possibly the high waist ones, with a pretty much wide hemline and low coulisses if you appreciate the genre.

Everything is from SHEIN and Asos.

The last point is swimwear.
Both bikinis and one-pieces, prefer triangular cups with a wide (possibly elastic) strip cloth right below it, while for the bottom area opt for – trust me on this one – regular, cheeky or brazilian ones, If you like strings, choose the thinner ones, not “dumbo ears” because you don’t want to draw all the attention there. Stay away from those high waist control briefs or boyshorts ones of course.
I hope these guide lines is helpful, try to follow my advices and let me know if you actually noticed some improvement.

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