Plus Size Circle Body Shape

As I already mentioned in the post Circle Body Shape, this body type aka “Apple”, has sloping shoulders, very large breast, almost straight waist, hips and butt smaller and a bit empty compared to the chest. Apple women have a huge breast and  belly fat widely distribuited in the lower abdomen area, while the upper abdomen area is usually flatter, creating a sunken belly button.
So you need to avoid to highlight your belly but still trying to enlarge hips and buttocks in order to create more balance and armonize the entire figure.

Armani Collezioni, Camicetta Snob, Versace Collection, Escada, Twin-Set Simona Barbieri, VDP Collection, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli.
Ivan Montesi, Temperley London, VDP Collection, Marella, Allure, Marchesa Notte, Diane Von Furstenberg, Armani Collezioni, Elie Saab.

Your dresses must enhance your strong points and, to turn your flaws into strong points as well. To achieve this you must opt for dresses with a regular waistline, defined by an elastic band (the best is the “peplum” kind) or by a belt (see Chemisier types). The best dresses for you are made using firm fabrics with a well defined waist and a wide bottom part, or the opposite, pencil skirts; be aware to choose a large top if you’re into pencil skirts.

Raoul, Clips, Armani Collezioni, Temperley London, Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, Vlas Bomme, Mochi, Issey Miyake, Diane Von Furstenberg.
Creature of the Wind + Sanyo, Violanti, Kiton, Gareth Pugh, Fontana Couture, Cailan’d, Cristina Effe, Dsquared2, High Tech.

Jackets and coats should end where your waist ends or if you’re more into long coats, don’t pick anything that ends over or under your knees. Prefer straight coats or those with an asymmetric waistline, avoid double breasted coats and, if you love belts, pick them plain to knot tie aside. Ponchos are great too but those with a straight neckline are better than the classic with a V neckline.

Anna Rachele Jeans Collection, Bruno Cucinelli, Tory Burch, A Piece Apart, Clips, Cailan’d, Marchesa Notte, Les Copains.
J.W. Anderson, VDP Club, Au Soleil De Saint Tropez, VDP Club, M Missoni, Issey Miyake Cauliflower.

What about tops? The ideal necklines are the round ones and the ideal hems are the straight ones.  Just remember, if you’re wearing a large top, also wear something large for the bottom…this way you will give the entire figure more balance. Otherwise you will just look even rounder while we are tryng to slim things here, girls.

Temperley London for the first 3 looks, Carlo Pignatelli, Daniela Drei, Dsquared2, Chloé, Hanita, Raoul, Bruno Cucinelli.
J Brand, Miharaya Suhiro, Dorothee Schumacher, Etro, Blumarine, Fabiana Filippi, Fontana Couture, Giorgio Armani.

Don’t be bashful and try long skirts. I promise they will not make you look shorter or fatter. They will fit perfectly as long as they are flared ones, even if they are pleated. Prefer straight and bootcut trousers and jeans. Bootcut jeans have small rear pockets that lift and make a rounder butt, giving you a natural push-up effect.
Longuette and full lenghts are both fine. Waist needs to be regular because low waist would create a belly roll as this is the area where your extra fat lies; instead high waist would make you look shorter.
When possibile, please, wear heels. Even kitten heels or stilettos are OK, it doesn’t need to be high pumps all the time as long as YOUR heels are higher than the rest of your feet, because in this way you will elongate your legs.

8, Pierre Mantoux, Michael Michael Kors, Michael Kors, Missoni Mare, Moeva, Micjael Michael Kors, Michael Michael Kors, Jolie by Edward Spiers, Melissa Obash.
Cahntelle, Missoni Mare, Seafolly, Pistol Panties, Lisa King, Jolie by Edward Spiers, Triumph.

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