Plus Size Brides

Today I’m going to share some tips about plus size brides. 
First of all you need to know what shape your body is and then besides the rules I already gave for each kind of body shape, you can add these tips to a plus size. For example if a woman is a plus size triangle body shape, her extra weight is mostly in the hips and inner thighs area and in the middle zone of her abdomen; this means that even if she has a large breast, her lower body is still wider then her chest, so she will need different kind of dresses from a woman with the opposite body (the circle body shape) with most of the extra weight in her breast, shoulders and the whole abdomen. 
I uploaded many pictures with the suggested body shape in the high left corner of each picture so focus and look at every single detail like the shape of the dress, where the waistline is, if it has more decorations on the chest or on the skirt, what kind of sleeves it has, if it’s tight or loose fit.
Long story short: 
-RECTANGLE extra weight on the whole abdomen area, so look for tight tops in order to create a waistline – and wide skirts
-TRIANGLE extra weight on hips and inner thighs, so look for lenghts from the knees down, decorated top and sleeves, avoid strapless necklines
– DIAMOND extra weight on the waist area, so look for decorated corsets, possibly with decorations ending on the hips line
– HOURGLASS extra weight proportionally distribuited, but absolutely avoid the emperor style dresses
– CIRCLE extra weight on the chest and the lower abdomen area, so avoid highly decorated tops, avoid wide skirts and instead look for corset dresses or at least look for dresses with a tight top
– INVERTED TRIANGLE weight on the chest, shoulders and arms, so look for strapless dressesin order to minimize them, keep tops decorations minimal, avoid heart shaped necklines, prefer tight tops and wide skirts.

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