Man: inverted triangle body shape

Men with this kind of shape have a big discrepancy between the upper and lower part of their body.
The main tract here are those wide shoulders, larger than the hips and a very narrow waistline. Your chest is also broad and bulky, along with your arms. Hips and legs are narrow and slim and they look even skinnier because of your wide torso, especially when compared to a  trained one.
This means that an inverted triangle puts the extra weight first in the upper part of his body, so fat goes to shoulders, chest and the whole abdominal area.

How to dress this kind of body shape?
Our goal here is to balance the whole figure and in order to do that we need to “enlarge” your hips and legs.
I suggest to look among these specific trousers and jeans models then: bootcut (flared at the malleolus level, down), loose fit (the leg is completely flare), cargo pants (with those huge side pockets), tapered  fit (flared from the hips to your knees and slimmer from the knees down) and even a regular straight leg one. Choose them in a lighter color than the top you’re about to wear. A big thumbs up for all sorts of decorations, patterns, pockets, ripped and washed out bottom pieces.

Jacket Dolce&Gabbana, Top Alexander McQueen, bottom JACOB COHЁN, shoes Hogan, watch Diesel. Jacket Pierre Darré, top Bastille Farc-Venezia, bottom Etro, shoes Prada Sport, watch Gucci.
Coat Prada, top Dolce&Gabbana, bottom Prada, shoes Montezemolo. Coat Fay, top Balmain, bottom PT01, shoes Santoni.
Rick Owens, Dsquared2, Nike, AG Adriano Goldschmied, JACOB COHЁN, Numero 00

Let’s talk about the top pieces, so you now know that you should avoid V shaped necklines because those would enlarge you torso, but a classical round neck, a button down shirt and vertical stripes are better for inverted triangle men. Try to wear darker colors then your trousers, avoid horizontal stripes, pocket and zips and any kind of decoration at chest level, unless you are a public official. You can show off those arms in a tank top instead.

Jackets and coats should have a minimal as possible neckline, so for example choose a leather jacket without collar flaps. The perfect lenght is the longer one, with a belt or an elastic line on the waist. It also has big pockets. And this very same rule is to be applied to your suit jackets as well, so pick the longest jacket, one button and with no shoulder paddings.
When possible match your shoe color to your trousers color, this will elongate the figure, or au contraire, wear a color that create contrast but don’t match it with your shirt or t-shirt please.

Most famous inverted triangle men are: Dwayne Johnson, Roberto Bolle, Colin Kaepernick, Henry Cavill, Mario Balotelli, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Evans, Davil Oliver, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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