Man: trapezoid body shape

I’m glad to notice that my readers are 59% women and 41% men.
I’m very happy about it so I decided to stop for a while talking about women and fashion and to talk about you.
My next articles are going to be focused exclusively about men!

Today I will discuss the trapezoid body shape, yes trapezoid because even men have to face geometry sooner or later, just like we do.
It’s hard sometimes to understand the difference between a trapezoid and an inverted triangle but long story short, the inverted triangle body shape has broader shoulders and narrower hips.

For your knowledge this is women’s most favourite body shape, while men usually prefer a rectangle body shape because I don’t know, perhaps because of Brad Pitt in Fight Club?
What makes a man a trapezoid one?
Broad shoulders, bulky arms, narrow waist and hips, muscular thighs, round butt, slim calves.
Now let’s see how to properly dress such a nicely proportioned body.
With this kind of body, certain choices are made just out of a physical necessity while others are moved by style.
With such muscular thighs, for example, you must choose regular straight jeans (and trousers) as the classic Levi’s 501 model or tapered fit jeans as the Levi’s 502 and 512 model and of course the Engineered line.
Of course the waist has to be regular too.
Even bermuda shorts should be regular straight and the proper lenght is from the knee up.

Hat Brian Dales, Coat Ernesto, Jacket 8, Tie Prada, Shirt Balmain, Trousers Valentino. Shoes Ylati Heritage, Umbrella Pasotti

Jacket Prada, T-shirt Dior Homme, Jeans Levi’s Engineered, Shades Versace, Shoes Marséll, Coat Fay, Cardigan Dries Van Noten, T-shirt Valentino, Trousers JACOB COHЁN, Hat Tagliatore, Shoes Salvatore Ferragamo.

Straight and regular t-shirts (this applies for all the kind of tops) are preferable to slim fit ones, vertical stripes are also better because  they elongate the bust and drive the attention to the hips area and opt for a plain shirt to a patterned one.
The best neckline is the round one (and this is a style choice) but if you’re a fan of the V neck you can have the right effect matching a cardigan over a t-shirt for example. Besides the ideal color match is to use the same shade of colors, this will elongate the entire figure, and of course is not mandatory.
As for shirts, especially the denim ones, the best choice is a pocket free shirt, or at least one that comes with very minimal pockets, possibly in the lower area and not on the chest.

Jacket Versace, Top Philipp Plein, Jeans Polo Ralph Lauren, Shades Thom Browne, Shoes Paul Smith, Cardigan Prada, Shirt Valentino, Trousers Incotex, Shoes Dolce & Gabbana, Hat Panama Hatters, Shades Kyme.

Jacket Brunello Cuccinelli, Shirt (jeans) Polo Ralph Lauren, Trousers Brunello Cuccinelli, Shades Dolce & Gabbana, Shoes Salvatore Ferragamo, Coat Hevò, Pull Gucci, Trousers Dolce & Gabbana, Hat ÉTUDES STUDIO, Shoes Gucci.

Coats and jacket section.
Coats should be not too long, the perfect lenght is from the waist down but not lower than the half of your thighs, with a central zip, or only a belt or, if you fancy buttons, the best are the 3 buttons or the 1 button.
Double breasted jackets are not the best choice for this kind of body because of your broad chest, but if you really want to wear them, look for the right fit, don’t pick a tight jacket or it will swell right on your chest.

Jacket 8, Cardigan Edwa, Polo shirt Dolce & Gabbana, Trousers Valentino, Shades Persol, Shoes Clae, Jacket OOF, Top Dolce & Gabbana, Jeans 8, Shoes Maison Margiela, Shades Ray-Ban.

Pull DRKSHDW BY RICK OWENS, Jeans Armata di Mare, Hat Joshua*s, Shoes Vans, Hat Marc Jacobs, Shoes Nike, Hat Moschino, Shoes Maison Margiela, Jacket Saint Laurent, Cardigan Valentino, Shirt (jeans) Lanvin, Trousers Brunello Cuccinelli, Shades Dolce & Gabbana, Shoes Rick Owens.

Jon Hamm in a 1 button suit.

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