JEANS: Boyfriend – Girlfriend – Mom. Spot the differences.

The so called BOYFRIEND jeans became a thing when Marilyn Monroe  wore them in the movie “the Misfits” and they were nothing more than just male jeans, wore by a woman. Her costumist did a great job creating some sort of pinces and a defined  waistline using only  a belt. Still they were men’s jeans so on the hipbone area they looked  loose and empty.

This kind of jeans have a low waist, a loose leg fit and big rear pockets (but placed lower then female jeans). They were brought back in vogue by Katie Holmes a day she was in a rush and wore a pair of  her husband’s, Tom Cruise.

Boyfriend jeans can be chosen in extra size for a more baggy and sporty look, or in the right size (like Levi’s 501 tapered model) for a more casual look. They best fit on those with a flat stomach and a flat or small derrière (so columns, rectangles and hourglasses body shapes).

GIRLFRIEND jeans are the newborn inspired by the previous jeans, this means this model is an adjustment of the boyfriend jeans , where the waist is raised higher to become a regular waist line,  slightly tighter on the hipbone area, a leg fit more tapered than loose but still with big low pockets. This kind of jeans fits lovely on every kind of body shape.

MOM jeans instead is a type of jeans created for moms, meaning it has the perfect fit for all those women who just had a baby but still have some extra pounds to drop and they are usually placed on the belly, on the hips and on the inner thigh.

The main feature of this kind of jeans is the high waist which help containing the belly creating meanwhile a waistline. Mom jeans have a regular straight fit leg that slenders the whole figure. Even pockets in this model are different as they are smaller and higher to “hold” your derrière making it looks rounder and tonic.


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