Full Hourglass Body Shape

I recommend again to follow the guidelines I gave you in the previous post about this kind of body here Hourglass Body Shape and now let’s add a few tips for the full hourglass body type.
Full hourglass women preserve their amazing curves despite the weight (aren’t they  lucky?) so they will still have abundant breast, a neat waist and a full pelvis area.
Extra weight is proportionally distributed on breast and hips/inner thight, belly can be wide but the fat is in the entire area so it looks flattened anyway (do you remember the previous post about triangle plus size women? in their case, the naturally strong abdomen muscles push the fat all in the centre).
Face, arms and shins are slimmer.
So what kind of advice I can give to those women with these fatal curves?

First of all I feel the need to talk about something I will repeat in the next posts, something that I hope will open your eyes and make you realize you’re following the WRONG path about plus size trends. Enough with this idea that extra weight has to be entirely covered. It’s not true and actually, using garments like for example high waist control briefs (both for lingerie and beachwear) won’t make you look skinnier but the actual result is the opposite, you will look even larger, like this is not annoying enough, you will also gain extra rolls on your waist, on your thighs and even on your back; and what about those rouches they put to “camouflage” your belly? Those are actual highlighters that make you belly bigger and rounded. I say ENOUGH with this stigma that pretends plus size women to wrap themselves in kilometers of fabric. You should wear what best suits your body which is not 20s inspired bathingsuits. So put your doubts and shame aside and trust me, because I really want the best for you, burn all the granny panties you have and start wearing classic panties and even better brazilian panties, because this kind of panties will make your legs look longer and skinnier and because – especially the brazilian ones – they  make every buttocks round and toned and you already own a great bottom so why cover it? Show it!

Same model, different briefs…look at the difference it makes

Since I started talking about beachwear let’s close this chapter.
As for swimsuits, choose those with a heart-shaped neckline, deep V and halter necklines, one-shoulder, with classic straps or even go strapless; with some decoration or laser cut on the waistline to emphasize it, with the asymmetrical waist (see the white swimsuit with the bow aside) and as I already said, for the bottom go classic or go Brazilian.

Sample pic, Siyu, S and S, Karla Colletto, La Perla for the purple and the white swimsuits, Michael Kors for the black and green swimsuits.
Michael Kors, S and S, Seafolly, S and S, La Perla, Seafolly.

Dresses have a wide range of lines for you to choose from. Heart-shaped necklines dresses are the best choice, but also wide scoop tops are fine, trapless, criss crossed wrap dresses with asymmetrical waistline are great, slip dresses, structured sheat dresses, maxi shirts,  apron and turtle-bow neckline dresses are good as well; round, pencil, pegged, slit lines are the best pick for the bottom with a regular waist line and some coulisse at the bottom. Avoid empire dress , those with a high/low elastic waistline because they are the worst to fit your bodyshape.

8, Boutique Moschino, Cushnie et Ochs, Diane Von Furstenberg for all the following dresses, blue dress Boutique Moschino.
The Row, Toy G., Valentino, MM6 Maison Margiela, Love Moschino, MSGM, Love Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jil Sander.

What about top pieces? Follow the same guidelines I gave you for dresses as for the necklines, for the bottom hem instead, remember to French tuck your tops in your jeans/skirts and to puff it a bit, this trick is the best to disguise belly rolls.
I feel to also suggest “peplum” tops because you have enough chest to properly wear it in order to fit straight and cover that belly roll.

Class Roberto Cavalli, Anna Rachele, Antonelli, Armani Collezioni, Au Soleil de Saint Tropez first and second top at the bottom , Caractère for the last two.
Gentry Portofino, Halston Heritage, Severi Darling, Rick Owens, Oscar De La Renta, Maison Lavinia Turra, Nouvelle Femme, VDP Collection, Vicolo.
Armani Jeans, Class Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors Collection, Escada, DRKSHDW BY RICK OWENS, Femme Maison, Sfizio for the last two.

Let’s take a ride into the coats and jackets world to find out what enhance and what don’t  full hourglass bodies.
Both coat and jacket has to be waisted, not straight, and doublebreasted, otherwise you would look goofy. Don’t trust a coat just for being doublebreasted, look for the waist, it must be very well defined. Of course avoid ponchos and capes, especially the one button up right because they would make your figure rounder and puffier. The best model is doublebreasted, waisted and comes  with a belt too.

The red no coat is an Anna Rachele Jeans Collection, Mackintosh, Armani Collezioni, Mabrun, Versace Jeans, Malo, Virna Drò®.

Last but no least, skirts, trousers and jeans.
You can pick every skirt’s lenght if the model is one of the following: A-line, pegged, slit, bias cut, godet and pencil. If you like decorations be aware these are going to enhance your curves and not to enlarge them; for example look at the skirt with fringes, they start from the skirt’s sides to end up in the centre and not the opposite. Be sure your pencil skirts are highwaisted and possibly with some particular pattern as for the example the black one in the picture with this crocodile effect, because it’s another disguise trick.  Trousers and jeans instead should have always straight or regular slim legs and high waist.
Now, I know some of the jeans in the picture I posted don’t look this good but the fault isn’t the jeans’ but those who put a model with the wrong body shape for these jeans. I can assure you that on you they will fit faultlessly.
I can now declare this post complete but I remind you, for any doubt or to book me, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Class Roberto Cavalli, Only, Saint Laurent, Milly, Jean Paul Gaultier, Io Couture, Etro, Edward Achour.
Cambio, Escada Sport, G-Star Raw, Escada Sport, Blue les Copains, JACOB COHЁN

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