Diamond Plus Size Body Shape

As I already said in the previous post Diamond Body Shape , women with this kind of body have a rather proportioned bust and hips while their waist is the largest area.
I need to be more specific and remind you that with the term “plus size” I don’t necessarily mean overweight women, because in this category we  must include tall women as well.

Now that I clarified that, I can proceed.
I will focus on overweight diamond women for a second now. This kind of body tend to accumulate fat in the waist, which is boring I agree, but at least your belly will appear “flatter” than the classic overweight bellies. There is also another couple of nasty spots: arms and inner thighs. Appartently fat loves to fill your limbs too.

What should you wear then to both feel  pretty and comfortable?
First buy “bandelettes”, save your thighs. Then everything else would be nothing more than just following the main lines  I already gave you about this kind of body, because clothes that best suit diamond bodies are also great to disguise a pot belly, swollen inner thighs and to model the waistline. Let’s also remember that diamond body shaped women are actual jewels, they have a huge charisma and are very proud of the way they are, they don’t measure beauty in pounds or kilos and they will wear anything without doubts like “does this make me look fatter?” nuh-huh, they already know  every garment it’s going to look stunning if you wear it with pride. And they are so right!

I know I already said it but this time is real, let’s get started: dresses!
They are fine in every line, lenght and decoration, for real, I mean it. You can literally choose any kind of dress you like, it will fit you perfectly! Just remember you need to move the attention from the waistline and drive it elsewhere. Geometric patterns, color blocks, rouches, belts, asymmetric waistline, drapes, central waistline and every kind of fabric and decoration that pops in your mind, just buy it!
Everything is perfect as long as you create a waistline.
If your dress has already a waistline, be sure it’s high or dropped, not regular because that’s where your actual waist is, and we are going to fake a waist here not to highlight the one you already have.
I’ll attach some of my choices to better explain my point.

ADIDAS X MARY KATRANTZOU, Anna Rachele, BADGLEY MISCHKA, Genny, Halstone Heritage, BADGLEY MISCHKA, BADGLEY MISCHKA, Ivan Montesi, ÉCLÀ, Paule Ka, Diane Von Furstenberg.
Diane Von Furstenberg, Joseph Ribkoff, Class Roberto Cavalli, Ivan Montesi, VDO Club, CHRISTIES À PORTER, Tantra, BADGLEY MISCHKA, Twin Set bt Simona Barbieri, Versace Collection, Marchesa Notte, Roberto Cavalli.

Same rules apply to tops too. Preformed or loose ones, the most important thing is if they are very waisted, and at least pick a very decorated pattern that creates a narrower waist or gives the illusion the spot is larger because of the belt/fabric. Also prefer asymmetric and peplum hem to a regular straight hem.

8, Acne Studios, Alpha Studio, By Malene Birger, Dsquared2, BADGLEY MISCHKA, Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, Marni.
George J. Love, Marni, Free People, Mila ZB, Rosie Assoulin, Prabal Gurung, Faliero Sarti, Temperley London, Dsquared2.
Stella McCartney, By Malene Birger, MM6 Maison Margiela, Free People, George J. Love, VDP Collection, George J. Love, Emporio Armani, Diane Von Furstenberg, Aodress.

All in one jumpsuits. Again, prefer a high or low waistline or at least one with decoration of some sort like belts, patterns or laser cut.
Trousers and jeans instead should be only bootcut, regular slim, regular straight and a palazzo.
Skirts are preferable flared, either lenght is long or short. Pleated and very decorated patterns skirts are great to go as well.

8, 8, Frame, Rosie Assoulin, Issey Miyake Cauliflower, European Culture, Sonia Rykiel, Acne Studios, John Richmond, Versace.
Vicolo, Anna Rachele, Elie Saab, Yssey Miyake Cauliflower, Just Cavalli, Missoni, Loewe, Marni, Vicolo, Caroline Biss, Vicolo, VDP Club.
Beatrice B., Annarita N. Twenty 4H, Diane Von Furstenberg, Diane Von Furstenberg, Guess By Marciano, Halston Heritage, Halston Heritage, Diane Von Furstenberg, 9seed, Nora Barth, Safiyaa.

Since it’s summer I want to talk about swimsuits. Either it’s a 2 pieces or not, don’t forget the bottom piece should be a control brief, so the high waist will contain and tame your waist and creates that missing curve you…miss. It also gives volume and a nice shape to your buttocks. The upper part can be any kind you like,  my only advice is to pick the most “outrageous”,  just because.

ÁGUA DE COCO POR LIANA THOMAZ, ÁGUA DE COCO POR LIANA THOMAZ, Circus Hotel, Circus Hotel, Flagpole, Solid & Striped, Albertine, George J. Love, Jolie by Edward Spiers, OMO BY NORMA KAMALI, Jolie by Edward Spiers, Pistol Panties.
Solid & Striped, Calvin Klein, Michael Michael Kors, Moeva, Norma Kamali, S and S, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Michael Michael Kors, Solid & Striped, Solid & Striped, Solid & Striped, Polo Ralph Laurent.

I’m gonna end this post by talking about jackets/coat and some outfits ideas.
Please, please, please, let your jackets and coats be (way) shorter or (way) longer than your waistline; the maximum lenght should be half of your thighs. Opt for double breasted ones, coats with a soft belt to knot aside or those with one button. I also added a lingerie piece because I felt inspired and it’s so beautiful I had to share it.
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Attico, Guess by Marciano, Rahul Mishra, Giorgio Armani, Brunello Cucinelli, Dsquared2, PAULHAN & FILS MONTPELLIER, Céline, Kristina Ti, Pierre Darré.
Circus Hotel, Temperley London, George J. Love, George J. Love, See by Chloé, last 3 are George J. Love..

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