BRIDES: triangle body shape

Usually when buying the wedding dress our emotions play us a left-handed shot and makes us forget a fundamental thing, which leads us to feel lost an so we try more clothes than necessary: this fundamental thing is the shape of our body.
How many times a bride crosses the threshold of a boutique with a precise idea of the dress she wants but then instead she ends up buying a completely different designed one.
This happens because not always what we like matches what suits us better.

How to prevent this? Try to restrain your emotions (both yours and your entourage’s) and keep in mind which your flaws and your strenghts are, what to highlight and what to camouflage, what to emphasize and what to minimize.
If you do not know what shape your body is, trust the staff at your service at the wedding boutiques, they know what better suits you or book an image consultant to your advisor’s entourage (aka me).

I’ll give you some tips to help you better define your body shape, today I’ll talk about the so-called “triangle” body shape.
The general features (more or less accentuated according to one’s height/weight) of the triangle women are: neat shoulders, little/medium breasts , well-defined waist, round butt, full thighs and inner thighs, proportionally the upper body area is more narrow than the lower one.

What to emphasize? Lead the attention to the upper body area, highlight waist and arms, increase shoulders volume in order to balance the whole silhouette.

Prefer very deep V-neck or their opposite, statement necklines, bodycon dresses, corset dresses are fine too, decorations and transparencies should be concentrated on the top, opt for high waist dresses, avoid those where top decorations drop over the waist line (you would get the opposite effect by highlighting an already important part of your body), if you are more a jumpsuit bride then give a try to palazzo legs ones, A-line and pleatless skirts, are absolutely welcome decorated bustier (rhinestone, gems and pearls).

I end this post by including some pictures with visual guidelines because our eyes understand better than our brain. Look the body balance and Mazel Tov!

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