BRIDES: rectangular body shape

Usually when buying the wedding dress our emotions play us a left-handed shot and makes us forget a fundamental thing, which leads us to feel lost and therefore we try more clothes than necessary: this fundamental thing is the shape of our body.
How many times a bride crosses the threshold of a boutique with a precise idea of the dress she wants but then instead she ends up buying a completely different designed one.
This happens because not always what we like matches what suits us better.

How to prevent this? Try to restrain your emotions (both yours and your entourage’s) and keep in mind what your flaws and your strenghts are, what to highlight and what to disguise, what to emphasize and what to minimize.
If you do not know what shape your body is, trust the staff at your service at the wedding boutiques, they know what better suits you or book an image consultant to your advisor’s entourage (a.k.a. me).


The rectangular body shape is the easiest body shape to dress with a vaste selection of garment shapes and lengths.
Those who have a rectangular body have hips that tend to have a similar width as the shoulders, no defined waist, small to average bust, no defined curves, flat bottom.
When they gain some weight, it usually goes to the belly but, whether you have a flat stomach or not, these guidelines work even to disguise this annoying “guest”.


The main goal here is the absence of curves that instead you need to create.
I suggest then to wear V necklines (both deep ones and regular ones), boat necklines, with a single sleeve, both large and thin shoulder straps,regular slim trousers or their opposite, flare ones the important thing to keep in mind is your trousers don’t end over the ankle, oblique fantasies dress (these fantasies could be made by a pattern, color blocks or oblique cropped garments). A-line, pegged, slit, pleat, prairie, layered and round skirts are the best kind for a rectangular body shape.
Prefer short bolero and blazers. The best accessories are all kind of belts and both kitten heels and pumps shoes.

Avoid: Shapeless dresses, square necklines, low waist dresses, straight and rigid dresses, loose tops, tunics, one bottom long blazers and no palazzo trousers.

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