BRIDES: Inverted triangle body shape

Usually when buying the wedding dress our emotions play us a left-handed shot and makes us forget a fundamental thing, which leads us to feel lost an so we try more clothes than necessary: this fundamental thing is the shape of our body.
How many times a bride crosses the threshold of a boutique with a precise idea of the dress she wants but then instead she ends up buying a completely different designed one.
This happens because not always what we like matches what suits us better.

How to prevent this? Try to restrain your emotions (both yours and your entourage’s) and keep in mind which your flaws and your strenghts are, what to highlight and what to camouflage, what to emphasize and what to minimize.
If you do not know what shape your body is, trust the staff at your service at the wedding boutiques, they know what better suits you or book an image consultant to your advisor’s entourage (aka me).

I’ll give you a hint to help you better dress the “inverted triangle” body shape.
How do you do it?
Broad shoulders straight and square, quite abundant breast, little definition between waist and pelvis, absence of booty and hips …shortly, everything is bigger in the upper half.
How to reduce these important shoulders? Simply driving your attention elsewhere and trying to elongate your torso. Then prefer large boat necklines, deep V neck lines, crew nicklines, thin straps, single shoulder and yes, even with both shoulders off (ever heard the rule “to hide a flaw just highlight it”? in this case it’s true).


From the waist down, instead, wearing flared trousers is the best way to slender your entire figure, long dresses, wide skirts very long and vaporous create both length and volum in order to balance those shoulders with your hips. Focus especially on belts, chose statement large ones, plain or either bejeweled, the important the better because they will create your waistline.
Avoid instead anything that can bring attention up to your shoulders like puffy sleeves, batwing and rouches.

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