BRIDES: diamond body shape

Usually when buying the wedding dress our emotions play us a left-handed shot and makes us forget a fundamental thing, which leads us to feel lost and therefore we try more clothes than necessary: this fundamental thing is the shape of our body.
How many times a bride crosses the threshold of a boutique with a precise idea of the dress she wants but then instead she ends up buying a completely different designed one.
This happens because not always what we like matches what suits us better.

How to prevent this? Try to restrain your emotions (both yours and your entourage’s) and keep in mind what your flaws and your strenghts are, what to highlight and what to disguise, what to emphasize and what to minimize.
If you do not know what shape your body is, trust the staff at your service at the wedding boutiques, they know what better suits you or book an image consultant to your advisor’s entourage (a.k.a. me).

The diamond body shape is typical of those women whose most of the weight lays on the waist, while bust and hips are about the same proportions, lean legs.


The goal in this case is to create a waist and, I understand that you do not always feel like going around with your guts squeezed, so calm down, because this kind body actually, unlike what many believe, has a lot choice in terms of clothes and tops because this is the shape of opposites. Never go for half measures here. Do you like monochrome? All right! Do you want more than one color? Use as many colors as possible. Fan of decorations? Be plentiful! Do you need to disguise your belly? Do it! Or put it in evidence because, hey, don’t they say that the most hidden things are in full sight? What does this mean in terms of garments? No limits for tops, I mean seriously … wide, tight, firm, soft, all types of necklines, crop top (yes I just said it, show the upper part of the stomach), any kind of sleeves are fine, prefer patterns concentrating their decorations at a shoulder level.


 Pencil skirts, loose skirts, skirts with pockets, asymmetrical ones. Long bodycon dresses, or short ones, kimono dresses, criss crossed dresses on the chest level, dresses with a high waist or corsets ones (it’s prefereable when the corsets dress have the waist line extending below the your actual waist to elongate your bust). Very long or very short jackets, prefer boleros. Shoes are usually recommended to match the same color as the trousers (or skirts) to elongate your legs. 

Pointed shoes are great, with medium to short heels. No pumps. As far as boots opt for ankle ones. 

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