BRIDES : column body shape

Usually when buying the wedding dress our emotions play us a left-handed shot and makes us forget a fundamental thing, which leads us to feel lost and therefore we try more clothes than necessary: this fundamental thing is the shape of our body.
How many times a bride crosses the threshold of a boutique with a precise idea of the dress she wants but then instead she ends up buying a completely different designed one.
This happens because not always what we like matches what suits us better.

How to prevent this? Try to restrain your emotions (both yours and your entourage’s) and keep in mind what your flaws and your strenghts are, what to highlight and what to disguise, what to emphasize and what to minimize.
If you do not know what shape your body is, trust the staff at your service at the wedding boutiques, they know what better suits you or book an image consultant to your advisor’s entourage (a.k.a. me).

I’ll give you a hint to help you better define your body shape as today I’ll talk about the so-called “column” body shape.

Be aware that this post in particular applies especially to those with just this kind of physique, however it can be a guideline for skinny women too but if you are more shaped  as, for example, a triangle, or a rectangle, even the thinner, should stick more to those rules meant for their body shape.

How are this kind of women made?

Regular / tight shoulders, zero to little breast, almost non-existent waistline, regular hips, booty not found. I can see you there, complaining because you have no curves, but remeber that a lot of women struggle to loose some pounds so think at yourself more like the chosen ones and appreciate your ethereal body and remember  we’re not angrily stare at you, it’s just envy. 

Aside from that…which kind of dress flatters you the most? What you need to create here are curves, so everything should be highlighted and exasperated: your bust, waist and hips. You can then indulge yourself wearing what many women can only look at: I give you a go for voluminous sleeves, another go for rouches, high necks, copious and statement decorations, everything that creates volume. Avoid clothes with straight and rigid lines. A further help, is provided by batwing sleeves, balloons sleeves, multi-layered dresses, various lengths, 20s line dresses.

As far as heels, remember the rule “the higher (the heels)  skinnier (you will look)” while you have to “get fat” so prefer flat shoes or with short heels.
And what about bras? No grey zone, you go super push-up / padded ones or set them free.

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