Martina D’Ospina – Owner and Creator


Born in Lecce, Martina D’Ospina gets introduced to the world of fashion by posing as a model for children clothes catalogues for the French market.
As a young girl she understands the differences of styles amongst nations and she begins to get interested in what is trending in other countries and how customers get drawn to products.
After high school Martina decides to move to Milan (Italy) to study Public Relations and Advertising at IULM University. Here she has the opportunity to deepen the history and sociology of fashion, how it has changed in time, first as a necessity and then because of an ever more consumer society and how this has led to the creation and evolution of the so-called ‘fast clothing industry’.

Her first professional experience in the fashion industry was as a model and photo model. Later she has the opportunity to work for some famous italian Maisons’ press office where, thanks to her several duties, she learns how fashion works in the publishing world.
After this experience she decided to pursue this professional path in the publishing industry working for two of the biggest company in the market as a photo producer first in the interior design, then in the fashion world. She excels so much in her work that she gets interviewed by the Italian fashion magazine Grazia. After acquiring considerable experience in the publishing industry she then works in retail in different positions such as visual merchandiser, sales associate, store manager and regional manager (the last one in Great Britain).

Since 2015 she has joined the team of the fashion services agency Kool ‘n’ Chick, located in Shenzhen (China), as a Fashion Event Planner.
In the last few years Martina D’Ospina has used her own skills and knowledge to provide visual consultancy services in cooperation with wedding planners. She then realized that the real need for this kind of service expands outside the world of weddings and, therefore, it can benefit a much broader audience. From this consideration arose the idea of creating The Style League.

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